Poppy Fabric – A Unique Shopping Experience


It’s all about the SILK

At Poppy Fabric, the focus is on providing fine silk. The clean minimalist interiors ensure that the silk remains at the forefront of your attention without getting overshadowed often by the ornate furniture . Instead, it encapsulates the classic fabric shop of yester years gone by. One would definitely feel a sense of nostalgia walking down Arab Street and entering the store does not steer too far from that feeling. As the cliche goes, it’s a walk down memory lane.

A gracious welcome

A visit to Poppy Fabric is a feast to your eyes and will definitely keep you coming back for more. As you approach the showroom from either side of the walkway, you will be warmly greeted and invited into the store. Upon entering you will be amazed to see a wide range of silk in varying colours and qualities. You will also find 100% cotton and a modest range of Linens which have become popular amongst those living in the tropical climate.

Unrivalled range to suit all tastes

Poppy Fabric is probably one of the only stores that keep 44-inch solid Indian Silk in an array of vibrant colours.  There are no less than 100 colours, some of which are unique as they are a blend of two different yarn colours. These are not commonly found in most shops. Then there are the silk Ikats, which are Poppy Fabric’s specialty item, available in at least ten different designs.  These come in different colour combinations. The range is vast and one will need time and patience to see all the qualities. Luckily enough, customers are given colour swatches so that they need not make a rushed decision. Poppy Fabric also offers a generous 1 week exchange policy to those who change their mind.

Our famous customer service

The customer service at the store is something that can be spoken off very proudly.  The senior age service staff carry with them years of experience in the field and will be sure to share nuggets of wisdom on the available silk options as you shop along. The staff have a lot of patience, dedication and enthusiasm to sell the fabrics. The experienced staff also assist in the fabric selection displayed in the store and take initiative in helping customers pick the right fabric.

An experience not easily forgotten

So, the exterior does not tell the full story. Old but classic furniture with scissors and metre sticks at the side of the tables should not detract the customers. As you enter the store, you will find a treasure trove of modern contemporary fabrics and not forgetting an experience worth repeating.

So, I do expect a visit from my readers sometime soon. Oh yes, I will most certainly be around to welcome and attend to you personally.  Please feel free to call ahead before your planned visit and you can have my undivided attention.

Yours Truly

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