Royalty chooses silk from Poppy Fabric


A Feather In Our Cap

I don’t think there are many who can claim to have met the Queen let alone done business with Her Royal Highness. It is indeed something I pride myself in and it is truly a special feather in Poppy Fabric’s cap to have served Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

A Great Privilege

We felt deeply honoured that Poppy Fabric was one of the companies selected to showcase our range of fabrics to Her Majesty.  The first surprise was the telephone call one morning from the British High Commission in Singapore.  I was caught totally off guard when I heard that a VVIP would be visiting soon and that Poppy Fabric had been shortlisted to display its range of fabrics.  Once the message began to sink in, excitement and nervousness ensued.  Several questions raced through my mind… how would I speak to her and what fabrics which would I showcase.  Fortunately, the Singapore British High Commission were extremely supportive and had shared their advice enabling us to prepare appropriately for the special event.

A Day to Remember

The day of the special event finally dawned.  Arriving very early at the private venue, dressed appropriately to serve our Royal guest, we displayed a range of our fabrics showcasing an array of colours and designs that we are famous for.  As we waited, we frequently rehearsed in our minds how we would address and speak to Her Majesty.  It was truly an exciting yet anxious morning as we waited in anticipation.

The Grand Entrance

Her Majesty, followed by her retinue of Ladies-in-Waiting and her assistants, gracefully descended the stairway towards our display.  She was an epitome of grandiose… elegant, perfectly poised, timeless in her beauty and gentle in her speech.  We were indeed enamoured by her royal presence. Her Majesty viewed all the fabrics on display, very graciously mingling and exchanging pleasantries with all of us present.  Several minutes later Her Majesty selected a few varieties from the range that was displayed.  I could tell that the Embroidered Silks, Silk Plaids and Silks in Solid colours were a clear favourite.

Three times a charm

It was truly a memorable experience.  All of us speak of it regularly and are especially reminded when we sight the letter of thanks which is now framed and hanging majestically in the retail store. We have been fortunate enough to have had Her Majesty’s patronage on two other occasions when Her Majesty has visited Singapore. Many thanks to Her Majesty The Queen Of England for trusting in us returning not once but thrice. I am utterly grateful for this experience.

Thanks for listening in. Hope to share something interesting again the next time.
Yours Truly.

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