Poppy Fabric launches e-Commerce website


A Personal Triumph

After a long period of hesitation and strong persuasion by close ones, this has eventually become a reality.
I feel a great sense of satisfaction and quiet joy within me.  I had never anticipated that Poppy Fabric would adopt a totally new model of business during my business tenure.I grew up believing that business is only possible with a physical store and that the selling space has a physical outer limit. This myth has now been broken.

Endless Possibilities

Poppy Fabric has now come a full circle. Now it is an unshakeable conviction that business is actually seamless. With this, more technology will be used to reach and keep in touch with our customers across the globe.  Our brand new website opens new opportunities to show our new creations and deliver goods with efficiency to our customer’s doorsteps.

New Explorations

It is an exciting period indeed. On my end, I am planning many more overseas business trips. In the pipelines are trips to the new frontier countries like Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. I will search for new types of silk and cotton available in these areas. As a matter of fact, I had a very fruitful visit to Myanmar in the month of August. I found many new varieties of fabrics in silk and cotton in plain and intricate ethnic style patterns. I will write in detail about my visit to Myanmar in my next blog.

Stay in touch

Before i sign off i wish to add that i will be writing very regularly. Besides the country visits experiences, I will also write about the different quality of silks which are very popular in the Ladies Fashion and Home Interiors arena. I will gradually cover a wide array of topics.

I would love to hear your comments and suggestions about the fabrics you would like to see in Poppy Fabric.   Please email or contact us about this or any other matters without hesitation. I love to be in touch and remain progressive.

Till the next time.

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