Cotton Ikats from the Villages of India


I have had quite a few fruitful business trips this year and have been meaning to share my experience visiting the remote villages in search of the evergreen cotton Ikats.

Earlier this year I made the decision to explore alternatives to the silk Ikats that we have been selling for a few years now. The silk Ikats have become very popular in our store with both local customers and visiting tourists. Even our customers in Myanmar have taken a liking to the quality of Ikat that we provide.

Ikats for retail and wholesale

Due to the good response we have introduced some very intricate and contemporary designs in an array of vibrant colours. We make it a point to carry at least 5 designs in store for retail and wholesale. Given the traction gained on Ikats, I thought that it might be a good idea to introduce cotton Ikats. With their lower price point, cotton Ikats would appeal to customers who want the same look but have a preference for cotton over silk and would rather wash their outfits instead of dry clean.

In my eagerness to make a new discovery, I arrived one evening in the bustling city nearest to the villages where I had planned to visit. Spending a night at the local hotel, I left early the next morning for the villages where the actual production takes place.

After an hour of travelling along the beaten country side roads, I reached the first centre.  The host greeted me very warmly and soon after I began rummaging through all the pieces that he had set aside for me. Most of the designs were not very modern and the quality was too thin. I only managed to select some 4 to 5 designs of a suitable quality.

Feeling slightly disappointed I left the first production centre and made my way to the next one some distance away. As i traveled in the taxi, I kept wondering if i would discover the contemporary designs which I sought for.

Treasure Found

Eureka! What a discovery as I saw the designs available in good quality at the second and third centres. The designs were classical with a modern twist in colour. I was so excited that I could not stop myself from complimenting the production manager on his good taste.  I made a selection of some 25 pieces in many different designs and gave them for washing before arranging for delivery. Feeling the joy within, I gradually made my way back to the city with a great sense of accomplishment.

I received the shipment within a month and sales have been quite steady since then. The second order is now in the pipeline. By end November we should have a complete range of designs which are contemporary yet classical.

To my readers, I do hope you like the designs and the colour assortment. Please give me your feedback. If there are designs you like me to source and order, please do not hesitate. Let us work on this together.

Till the next time.

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