Navraj Singh


A Silk Pioneer

Its owner and second generation founder Navraj Singh delves deep into the villages of Bangalore, Varanasi and Hyderabad to work directly with the different types of silk weavers.

He is indeed a pioneer in silk, being the first supplier of Indian silk in Singapore in the 1990s.  At a time when there was only Thai, European and China silk in the market, Navraj introduced Indian silk to Singapore.

The company traces its humble beginnings to the 1950s, when Navraj’s father, an Indian immigrant who first settled in Thailand and then branched out to Singapore, worked from an office at Market Street, and later, moved to the Arab Street vicinity.

Back then, the company imported all types of fabrics from Japan and Europe and focused mainly on wholesale business in Singapore and the region. When Navraj took the helm in the 1980s, he focused primarily on silk from India. Travelling very frequently to the silk production centres to source for new qualities and designs.

From that rich history, Navraj has introduced a large variety of qualities in many vibrant colours in the business. He’s now well poised and looking ahead confidently to the future with single minded aim of taking silk to global markets online.