About Us

Key Strengths of Poppy Fabric


Mission Statement

Bringing silk to every corner of the world.
We serve with integrity and honesty,
offering fine fabrics of uncompromising quality.

Our Key Strengths

Our prices are competitive as we source directly from manufacturers

We stock large quantities of the varieties of silk that we carry, enabling prompt delivery on receipt of an order.

Our retail store enables us to supply minimum quantities as well as sample cuttings for approval in the case of wholesale orders

Keeping in view the latest trends we introduce new designs at regular intervals.

A heritage of Silk

For a wide variety of fine quality silk, Poppy Fabric is your best choice.  It is located at Singapore’s famous Arab Street, a traditional heritage vicinity for all types of textiles.  Poppy Fabric takes pride in bringing silk from the different production centres of India and Thailand.

Mr Navraj Singh, the second generation owner, travels frequently to the silk production centres in the neighbouring countries.  He has established a close working relationship directly with the weavers and producers of silk.  As a result, new qualities and designs are regularly added to our existing range and popular collections.

Poppy Fabric’s retail store serves as a conduit for new qualities and designs. Our first hand experience has also made it possible for the company to serve discerning fashion designers and leading retailers in and around the region.  Using Singapore as our base, Poppy Fabric is now in a prime position to take her experience and knowledge of Silk fabrics globally.

At first glance, Mr Navraj Singh may appear unassuming.  But get to know him and you’ll discover a quiet confidence rooted in integrity and built with an unwavering adherence to his principles of life and business.  He lives by the underpinning principle of the Law of Karma which ensures that every customer is served sincerely and honestly. Mr Navraj Singh is truly the embodiment of the company’s mission statement: